Inspired by seeing how much fun and how much innovation is going on at hackatons all over the world we finally go round to hosting one ourselves. The first ever hackaton event at was hosted on the 22-23. of june. At we are accustomed to working in cross functional teams, so it was only natural that we invited the entire company to attend our hackaton. In order not to scare people with a non-technical background we had to change the name, so we created what we call FINNovasjonsdagen (which translates into FINNovationday). We decided to keep this one open for only employees since this was our first shot at this.

What happened?

In total there where 43 attendants spread out across 13 teams, where about half of the attendants had the opportunity to stay the entire time. After the 24 hours we invited the entire company to come and vote on which team had produced the coolest thing.

Check out this time laps video which was shot with a web cam:

The winners of the hackaton was awarded the price of 25 thousand NOKs and bragging rights until the next event. Team Meh created a global search for all of fully integrated and almost ready to be rolled out into production. This has been something our users and employees have been supporting for years and to see that a team of three was able to crank it out in 24 hours was quite an accomplishment.

Check out the blog[Gone] from the event for more pictures and more details about all the things created (English translation of the blog).

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