The annual Smidig conference in Oslo, Norway was held last week and as usual people from made a big contribution to the conference. We hade three lightening talks during the two day conference and there were about ten attendants in total. This community event brings together newbies and veterans of agile software development for two days of lightning talks and open space sessions. We all had a great time at the conference and are very much looking forward to next years conference.

Our three lightning talks spanned from a Norwegian version of over to a talk showing how we transformed our customer service team and the last one about how you need to measure in order to achieve the full effect of agile processes. You can check out the videos below, but be warned they are all in Norwegian.

Transforming our customer services team

Jo Anders Heir held a talk about how we have worked to transform our customer service team from being a shield preventing customer feedback from reaching product organization into a megafon which blasts information throughout the organization. It shows how simple software and processes can help you make sure you work on what really matters for you users and customers.

Measure KPI’s, iterate and release. The three things you need to do to succeseed with agile

Arve Søreide talked about three things you need to do in order to achieve the desired effects from using agile methods. You need to mease Key Performance Indicators while you iterate and release frequently. Only then can you harvest the big benefits from using agile methods.

An end to negativity - Norwegian style

This talk was originally held by Chris William at JSConf EU 2011 and you should check out the original version of An End To Negativity.

A big thanks from all of us at to the crew who’s hard work made this years conference a huge success. See you all again next year!