We have finally made an effort to put some of our repos out on GitHub under the finn-no organization. It is not exactly filled with stuff right now, but we aim to put a lot more of our libraries and tools out here.

Currently there are a few repositories out there:


This is just a tiny piece of code which enables you to build loosely coupled components or applications by utilizing the publish-subscribe pattern. The eventHub is just an object which publishes event to those to registered event listeners functions.

We have written one-page JS applications using only the hub besides jQuery for DOM manipulation. It scales pretty well and it is pretty much what you’d need to create an application. Once your application grows to be quite large you might want to add some other architectural components, but for small to medium sized projects it is brilliant. It is used for the dashboard part for the Awesome Board[Gone].

Awesome Board

The Awesome Board[Gone] is the application which has featured in two articles about visualizing quality. We have shown it a few times to different audiences and due to request for making it available we decided it was a good thing to share it on GitHub. There are some pieces missing from the version we run internally, but have patience the rest might still make it to a repo near you.

Enjoy! Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section or follow us on Twitter.

Tags: code github opensource