One of the ways of getting inspired and educated about technology here at FINN is through our “Tech-Dag” (which means something along the lines of Day of Technology). This year we have a packed program which consists of workshops and a bunch of lightning talks.


Clojure workshop

Alternative languages on the Java Virtual Machine is a hot topic all over and at FINN we are exploring our options as well. Therefor we have invited Johannes Brodwall, Ivar Nilsen and Anders Karlsen from Steria to do a introduction to Clojure workshop.

FINN Way of Innovation

Our Lean-navigators have been working hard to help our development teams make conscious decisions and to make sure they make the right priorities to maximize customer value. This workshop will touch upon some of the basic aspects and give the participants a way of giving input to the process.

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are 10 minutes long and tightly timed. We hold them after lunch, starting at 1330 – 1500 pm. The topics are broad ranging, and not limited to programming at all.

  • About love (… and ask yourself “why do we work 8 hours a day”)

  • Fragmentation of the Android and why it is not a problem for us

  • Testcomplete database code before check - is it possible?

  • Elastic Search

  • Geolocation with MongoDB

  • Traditional version control systems vs distributed version control systems (VCS -> DVCS).

  • Eat your own dogfood

  • Semantic web

  • Large IT projects should fail!

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