Last year, we presented the browser statistics of as of June 2015. It’s time for an update!

How many visitors use a desktop or laptop?

Our first graph shows the share of our users using a mobile phone, tablet or a desktop computer to access, regardless of whether they use our responsive web app (, or a native Android or iPhone app. 66% of our visits are now from a smartphone or a tablet. The traditional desktop/laptop has a market share of 34%.

Channel graph

If we exclude the native app users, which are obviously on either Android or iOS, what is the distribution between table, mobile and “other” (desktop) on our web site?

Channel graph without app

Which application do people use?

We have two major offerings of - the responsive web (served from the domains and, and native apps for mobile devices. 24% of our visits are from our native apps, and 76% from our responsive web.

Since we’re in the middle of a migration, some of our internal details leaks out in this graph; some parts of the traffic is served from the domain and the majority from the domain They are supposed to be merged “real soon now”.

Application graph


First of all, let’s take a look at the numbers of the browser vendors. The ranking is clear, Apple is the biggest, ahead of Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Mozilla. Opera is no longer in the top 5.

All providers

In case you wondered which browser is the biggest on the “desktop” here’s the trend. (Ignore the orange and blue triangle markers)

Browsers, Windows

The complete browser statistics, across all applications and devices are as follows:

All browsers

It still seems like a good idea to make sure your website works well with Safari! The old giant Microsoft now has only the 5th spot with IE 11 (6.8%) and the 12th with Edge 13 (1.7%).

Mobile details

We got a request to give some more details about the mobile devices that uses Apple still has a strong position in Norway!

Mobile devices

The most popular browsers on mobile devices:

All browsers

Then the question is - what is the “Android Browser”? This is the break down of devices that has delivered traffic from the “Android Browser”.

All browsers

Similarily for the Samsung Browser:.

All browsers

And finally the trend on mobile browsers, by vendor:

All browsers

Which version of Android or iOS?

Our apps need to work well on several versions of Android and iOS. How fast are our users upgrading? This shows the distribution of operating systems among our apps users.

Android version

iOS version

Android version

iOS version

Given that the user have an iPhone, which models are in use? Unfortunately, the data are quite spotty, but this graph might still be an indication of the truth.

iOS version

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