Last year we decided to move our developer blog from Wordpress to Jekyll. One of the main reasons were the constant security vulnerabilities of Wordpress. We were hosting Wordpress on our own hardware. We pleased our operations team when they could shut down the service. Github provides hosting for Jekyll projects and that was one of many reasons we landed on that solution.

Other reasons why Jekyll is a good fit:

  • Static files (blazing fast)
  • Version controlled files (git) and the source is available here
  • Github handles username and passwords
  • Easy to run locally
  • You can use your favourite editor to write in Markdown or just plain HTML

Github restricts the number of plugins you can use down to this list. We really just wanted a simple blog platform so that was no deal breaker. We even get both @Andersos (@mentions) and :+1: (Emoji).

We landed on using Disqus for comments which is loaded on the client side. We made a design template post. We use that post to check out the design of different elements. That post is also a good starting point for people new to markdown. We are using Html-proofer to test the HTML of the site. Html-proofer checks that all the urls and images on the site are working. Another tip for improving blogposts is to use a tool like Hemingwayapp.

This developer blog is a place where we at can share what we are working on and our interests. If you have suggestions or ideas for what we should write about please leave a comment under this post.

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